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We played for a wedding in late May in a stunningly beautiful garden in Deep Cove. Amazingly, the acoustics were excellent on this steeply sloped waterfront property: we could hear the words of the ceremony unfolding down by the ocean, and the sound of our instruments was carried down to them from our perch way above. My most memorable moment? I loved that the fathers of both the bride and groom had important speaking roles during the ceremony. It’s something I haven’t seen before – lovely.

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There is no wedding that is not beautiful, and most are beautiful in many, many ways. From the perspective of a musician who has played at hundreds of ceremonies and receptions, it’s impossible to remember all the special details that I’ve enjoyed. However, as I pack up my cello at the end of any wedding, I find there is usually one memory that stays with me, and comes to mind again later. It might be something as simple as the light of the setting sun falling on the bride’s face. Or it might be hilarious, like the two purse-sized dogs, wearing tiny frilly dresses, who acted as ring-bearers while we played very fast and lively music.

This blog is the beginning of a plan to take note of these “most-memorable moments” and share them.

June 25, Hatley Castle, Italian Garden
After our very cool and disappointing spring weather, we finally had a lovely warm day. The garden was loaded with white and fuchsia peonies, which were fully in bloom. I’m still enjoying the memory of the beautiful smell of peonies in the air throughout our time there.